Competitive Strengths and Strategy

Competitive Strengths

Balance Portfolio of Assets
  • Existing industrial parks and utilities businesses generate strong cash flow
  • Property development and resorts operation businesses in Bintan provide growth potential
Proximity of Batam and Bintan to Singapore
  • Singapore's infrastructure and logistics, and air and sea-port facilities, provide tenants and investors with ready access for international distribution of their manufacturing goods
  • Wide array of financial services available in Singapore
Industrial Parks in Batam and Bintan("Batamindo Industrial Park (BIP)" and "Bintan Inti Industrial Estate (BIE")
  • Integrated master-planning for co-ordinated long-term planning and development
  • Self-sufficient and self-contained position, backed by ability to provide a wide range of services to tenants
  • Competitive alternative to other industrial estates in the region who wish to diversify their manufacturing locations
  • Investment incentives and privileges; General System of Preferences, Bonded Zone Plus status and absence of foreign exchange controls in Indonesia
  • Access to abundant workforce
Bintan Resorts
  • Integrated and coordinated facilities and services in Bintan Resorts
  • Attractive holiday destination (Twin holiday destinations of Bintan Resorts and Singapore)
  • Scenic Beauty and environmental sustainability of Bintan Resorts
  • Presence of international resort operators


Build a diversified investment portfolio with primary focus in Indonesia
  • Aim to maximise shareholder value.
  • Build and leverage upon core competencies, in-depth domain knowledge of Indonesia and strong shareholder support to broaden and strengthen market reach.
Enhance facilities and infrastructure in the Group's industrial parks and utilities businesses
  • Continue to develop facilities and infrastructure to achieve better returns
  • Scaling up the deployment of renewable energy in utility segment
  • Offer strong, competitive platform to attract tenants
Develop Bintan Resorts to be an attractive vacation destination
  • Designed to complete continuum of existing resort facilities on northern coast of Bintan
  • Mixed development facilities to cater to commercial and leisure markets
  • Provide an alternative to established markets such as Bali, Phuket and Singapore



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