We are independent utilities provider to our industrial park and resorts in Batam and Bintan. We provide power, water, waste management services and telecommunication services to our customers in the industrial parks and resorts. We have invested approximately S$435 million in the construction and development of utilities infrastructure and resources that include power generation and distribution facilities, portable water treatment facilities, sewage treatment plants, waste water treatment facilities and landfills.

For power generation, we have aggregate installed capacity of 168 MW, of which 134 MW in BIP, 10 MW in BIIE and 24 MW in Resorts. In order to cope with any potential increase in power consumption, we cater approximately 30% of our installed capacity as standby reserve. For water and waste treatment, we have aggregate capacity of 14,500m3/day and 10,000m3/day. For telecommunication services, we have approximately 6,000 lines servicing Batam and Bintan and also provide internet and triple play (Telephone, Internet and IPTv) services.

Supply power, water, telecommunication and waste management services to Batamindo Industrial Park, Bintan Industrial Estate and Bintan Resorts.

Utilities Batamindo Industrial Park ("BIP") Bintan Industrial Estate ("BIE") Bintan Resorts ("BR")
Power Generation Capacity (MW)
Installed capacity:
No. of generators:
Installed capacity:
No. of generators:
Installed capacity:
No. of generators:
  • 24-hour uninterrupted power supply to customers in BIP, BIE and BR for both low & high tension load
  • Standby generating capacity amounting to 30% of installed capacity
  • Maintain an adequate reserve supply of fuel, sufficient to support un-interrupted supply of electricity
  • 24-hour security and regular inspections
  • Provide treated water from third parties and from own facilities to industrial parks and Bintan Resorts
  • Water sourced from government-owned reservoirs in Batam, as well as GV's own reservoir in Bintan
Waste Management
  • Comprises of sewage treatment plants and waste -water treatment facilities
  • Designated sanitary landfills for the disposal of solid wastes and dedicated ponds at industrial parks for the discharge of treated sewage
  • Treatment of sewage and wastewater adheres to the local authority's environmental standards
  • Provide fixed telephone services, internet services, triple play (O3) and colocation
  • 100m high microwave tower that supplements local authority's optical fiber networks
  • Provide additional fixed-line connection to Bintan Inti Industrial Estate and Bintan Resortd (within Bintan Island)


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