Property Development

Our property development and sale activities are focused in Bintan where we own a sizeable inventory of approximately 18,200 ha of land. Our lands in the north are divided into approximately 66 land parcels with various levels of infrastructure already in place. The Lagoi Bay area and its vicinity are earmarked for our next phase of development for hotels and attractions.

Land Location Designated Use Approximate Area (ha) Land Carrying Value (S$ million)
North of Bintan Resort, Commercial, Residential and Supporting Facilities 14,400 434
West of Bintan Industrial, Commercial, Residential and Supporting facilities 3,800 107

Integrated Master Planning
We undertake integrated master planning through PT Bintan Resort Cakrawala (which is also the master planner for Bintan Resorts) and are also involved in:

  • the management of development consultants, such as planners, architects, landscape architects, environmental specialists and engineers;
  • the development of infrastructure and support facilities;
  • investment and destination marketing; and
  • the operation of infrastructure and support facilities and community development.



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